I am horrible at these “about me” sections.

Because what would you want complete strangers to know about you in just a couple lines?

Do you tell them about your rock collection? (lame)
Do you say you’re a college student with a notebook and pen collection?
(that’s true)
Do you say you burned the onions while cooking dinner last night?
(not owning up to that)


Here’s what you can expect on this blog:


Basically, just like if we were exchanging words over coffee! (except you’d be talking too, and that would be way better 🙂 )

Sometimes they’ll be silly ones because…
let’s be honest: we all need a laugh.

And other times they’ll delve a little deeper, because words and stories are really all about experiences and how cool is it that we can glean and gain from others’ experiences?

So thank you for stopping by.

And don’t be a stranger. I was kidding about that rock collection. (it’s a seashell collection, actually 😉 )


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