Lasagna Love // a poem


So. It seems that I was quite the poet back in Jr. High.

I posted this little rhyme on Facebook in either 7th or 8th grade… and then took it down as an absolutely horrified, matured, really cool 9th grader.

“Really? Put this up on the internet? Were you insane? People write poems about romantic things, Debbie. Not that.”

 was running through my mind.

Now, I revisit those days. Either with more sense than I had a few years ago, or really no sense at all.

I’ll probably have a different opinion on the subject…. just give me a few years. 😉


As lovely as a song,

that makes my belly sing along,

is a triple layer lasagna

with 3 layers of pasta.


Four layers of bubbling cheeses,

and sauce;

that can appease,

to much ease,

even a hungry beast.


And though my dog,

sits as still as a log,

he jumps like a frog,

for a triple layer lasagna

with three layers of pasta.


Spaghetti may come and go,

ravioli may taste so-so,

but nothing will shake my allegiance

to a dish with five bubbling cheeses.


So now I sit,

and will close my lips,

but will open them wide,

for a triple layer lasagna

with three layers of pasta. 


Note: The author has since then discovered she has an intolerance to dairy. This deeply saddens her.

(That’s ok, you can laugh.)

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