Leave Your Message After The Tone


Ummm… Voicemails are not my thing.

The awkward automated beep I hear after a pre-recorded message stating the disdain (hah!) of the person whom you are trying to reach; then followed, usually, by a request to leave your information (such as your number) and why you called in the first place.

Maybe I’m weird. OR the last voicemail I left was the worst of them all.

Example #1: Thanks For The Christmas Card.

So over the holidays, I sent my school admissions rep a really nice Christmas card. (She’s one of the sweetest people I’ve met in awhile!)

A few days after Christmas, I get one back from her. It was really encouraging, and super nice. (like her!)

I think to myself, “It’s okay to get a Christmas Card after Christmas, right?”

fast forward to after the holidays, when I call and leave a message

“Hi______! I hope you had a lovely Christmas break. Thank you, Thank you, so much for the Christmas card you sent after Christmas…

(Me: “OH NO. I shouldn’t have said that! I’ll make it better– I’ll say:’)

…you know, I understand… that really busy time

(Me: ‘Oh yeah, she’ll like that. I sound really sincere.’)

between Christmas and New Year…

(Me: ‘WHAT. AT A COLLEGE NO ONE IS BUSY between those two HOLIDAYS!!! I will make it better!’)

…it was super encouraging, yeah I really needed it…

(Me: Yah, great job, cause Christmas is a sad time. It’s all the ham and gravy and presents and chocolate that make it sad.)

…okay, I’ll talk to you soon, and I’ll see you later! Bye!”

(Me: Yes, it’s night time, and the only person animal ‘you’ll see later’ is your dog. And He ain’t so thrilled about it.)

Moral of the story: We should not try to make things better while Ok, I really don’t think there is one. Just be happy you’re not me right now.

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